Fergus Mc Dermot o Brinn


Caastllion – Hiland
Virtue = Magician Willfull
Hubrus = fool Rash
3 point Moment of awe of background
3 romance background
2 curse

Foul Weather Jack
Nemises 4

LEss effectave by mortal glamur
ALl nobles roll one fewer unkept die when trying to affect you

110 hp
1 hp
Full blooded 40 hp

Sidhe blooded
Runnin water – 1 hp
Good standing +1 hp
SIde weapon 4hp
Side sword 4k2/3k2

Brawn 2
Finess 2
Resolve 3
Wits 2
Panache 3

Dancing 1
Ettiquette 2
Fashion 1
Oratory 2
Perception 2

Attack fincing 3
Parry fencing 2

footwoork 2
Climbing 1
Sprinting 2
Throwing 1

Jack 2
Mad Jack O bannon 2
Anne o’ the Wind 3
Thomas 1
Green man 1
Queen mab (Resolve ) 1


1) What country is your Hero from?
Highland from the MacLeods Land

2) How would you physically describe your Hero?
Read hair with pericing green eyes thanks to his unnatrual blood an avarage build he is also 5’9"
3) Does your Hero have any recurring mannerisms?
When anything is going weird or he suspeitcs magic the first thing he dose is to look at his left hand to try to hone in on the magic.

4) What is your Hero’s main motivation?
He wants to learn every story he can

5) What is your Hero’s greatest strength? Greatest weakness?
Strengths: Fergus greatest strength is that anytime he puts his mind into something hell or high water he will get it done. ALthough sometimes if it’s going with his rash nature it could be a disadvantage
Weaknesses: His worst weakness is his rash nature anytime he thinks about something that might have come out good for him he will do it without thinking of the bad.

6) What are your Hero’s most and least favorite things?
Fergus LIkes to tell stories it’s almost like when he starts to tell a story he feels like he is living the story as he tells it. His least favorit thing is flowing streams he dosne’t know why but it freaks him the hell out.

7) What about your Hero’s psychology?
While he rather look at the bright side he is a relasit. He also feels like if anything bad happens around him he has to make everyone to get in better moods but dose’t like to come up with his own worries

8) What is your Hero’s single greatest fear?
BEsides loseing his wife Anna, His fear is that he will not beable to witness the magical world that he saw as a child

9) What are your Hero’s highest ambitions? His greatest love?
His greatest abition is to be so famous not only does all of Thedis knows him but also all of the Sidhe world While his greatest love is to learn stories of other cultures even though it takes a bit since he dosen’t understand there language.

10) What is your Hero’s opinion of his country?
Avalon as a whole he couldn’t care for his love is in his clan since all of highland have no real love for his clans thanks to there love of the Sidhe

11) Does your Hero have any prejudices?
He dosen’t really like any other highlanders haveing trouble trusting most of them thanks to his city’s problem

12) Where do your Hero’s loyalties lie?
For now his loyalties lies with his city and hs faimly

13) Is your Hero in love? Is he married or betrothed?
Yes he has a wife Anna

14) What about your Hero’s family?
His Mother and father are both alive they are the reason that he loved stories as a kid he heard the story of the MacLeods past and the green banner

15) How would your Hero’s parents describe him?
An Excravgent story teller

16) Is your Hero a gentleman?
Yes he is

17) How religious is your Hero? What sect of the Church does he follow?
He’s not very relgious

18) Is your Hero a member of a guild, gentleman’s club, or secret society?

19) What does your Hero think of sorcery?
He thinks it’s one of the best things ever.

20) If you could, what advice would you give your Hero?
Stop jumping into shit asshole!

21) What kind of cool stuff do you want for your Hero?
More powerful glamor-meer

22) What kind of big dreams do you have for your Hero?
To become a hero of legend

23) What, if anything, would make your Hero retire?
Haveing everyone on thedas know his name

24) What, if anything, would make your Hero fall into Villainy?
Realzing it’s easier to be really hated over really loved

25) If you could choose, how would your Hero die?
In such an epic way that glamor mages tell of his life to have spells done

3 × 3 × 3
A large man who lik.es to fight often seen in bars fearless on about everything Fergus Earned his respect by beating him in a bar brawl mostly on luck He has a females name but no one calls him out on it more then once after getting beat down by him.
Current friendly fight is Fergus 2 Teralag 7

Brian Mcleod
One of the Noble of the lands he is also a glimmer mage since it runs high in his family line, He dosen’t really care for Fergus’s love of stories
He and Fergus became friends after his 6 years dissapering act into Shea lands.
Current friendly fight is Fergus 3 Brian 1

A livley female that is as beautiful as she is deadly. While she dosen’t normally get into friendly fights because she rather split people from head to ass with her claymore then get punched. It dosen’t help that stepping on a stick might set her into a rage. Fergus got Frangag’s friendship for treating her sister Anna right in there marrage
Current friendly fight Fergus 0 Frangag 8

A noble that is from Avalon she met Fergus during a noble party the he told a story at. While soft spoken she has an air of authority around her likes Fergus just because Bearnard dosent

The “town drunk” only because no one has beaten him in a drinking contest because he has years of expereance likes to tell stories of things he knew
Current friendly fights Fergus 0 Artur 10

A sailor that comes into town although currently the only trips he dose is from avalon to montaine
Current friendly fights Fergus 0 Steaphan 4

A bastard of a nobel that hates the Mcleods and anyone who lives on there lands thanks to there friendly nature with the Sidhe like all other higlanders But mostly hates Fergus because he went to the Sidhe world and then turned around and stole the girl of his dream’s marrying her. Will do anything to fuck over Fergus

One of Bearnards right hand mans who handles everything for him. While he normally tries to stay out of politics he like other highlanders don’t like the Mcleod and don’t like Fergus because of Fergus warning Brian about a trap that was laid in front of him. Unlike Bearnard who jumps the gun on some plans Benneit is more cool and caculating

Anna’s mother who was all up for her daurgter marrying a nobel who was more then pissed about her daurgter chooseing a commoner over someone who could not only Elevate Anna but could also Elevate her. Una is someone who could put on a lovley smile and act kind to your face and when she stabbed you in the back trick you into thinking it’s your own falt


Fergus Mc Dermot o Brinn

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