Antonio Falisci

Scoundrel? I like the sound of that.


Brawn 2
Finesse 3
Wits 2
Resolve 2
Panache 3

Swordsman School: Falisci
Disarm 2
Pommel Strike 2
Tagging 2
Exploit Weakness 2

Apprentice: You have learned the ‘Falisci Salute’. This move is a very quick pommel strike done with the sword still undrawn. If you use Pommel Strike as your first action in a combat, your opponent’s Active defense rolls are made at -5 for each mastery level of yours for the remainder of the first round of combat.

Arcana: The Sun (Friendly/Proud)

Foul Weather Jack
Scoundrel (-10 Reputation)
Dangerous Beauty ( + 2k0 to seduction attempts)
Able Drinker (immune to negative effects of alcohol)
Appearance: Above Average ( + 1k0 to all social rolls)
Combat Reflexes (may reroll one action die)
Left Handed ( + 1k0 to all melee attack rolls)
Linguist (-1 cost to all languages)
(Avalon, Castille, Montaigne, Thean, Vodacce)
Twisted Blade (5 Fate Dice)
Unbound (immune to Sorte)

Debt 4 – To various and sundry nobles (and other, less desirable elements) in an attempt to keep the family afloat.
Romance 1
Vendetta 1

Attack 4
Parry 3

Acting 1
Dancing 2
Oratory 2
Singing 1

Dancing 2
Etiquette 1
Fashion 1
Oratory 2

Vintner 2

History 1
Mathematics 1
Philosophy 1
Research 1

Shadowing 1
Stealth 1

Socializing 1
Street Navigation 1

Climbing 1
Footwork 3
Sprinting 1
Throwing 1

Dirty Fighting
Attack 1

Attack 1

Past – Ten of Cups: When you were a child, a Fate Witch cursed you to “live in interesting times.” Since then, events have often swirled around you, often out of your control. Foul Weather Jack

Present – Three of Cups: You have found that building a reputation as a dangerous rebel has increased the number of people pursuing romantic relations with you. Scoundrel and Dangerous Beauty

Future – Eight of Cups: Your heart will cross blades with your mind. Vendetta 1, Romance 1.


Antonio Falisci

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