Montaigne Thief/Knife Fighter


Earned EXP: 37
Spent EXP: 30
Unspent EXP: 7

Brawn – 2
Finesse – 3
Resolve – 2
Wits – 3
Panache – 3

True Identity – 2
Vendetta – 3



Swordsman Schools
Double Attack (Knife/Knife) – 1
Double Parry (Knife/Knife) – 2
Riposte (Knife) – 1
Exploit Weakness (Boucher) – 1
Mastery levels
Apprentice: Negate off-hand penalty with a knife. Add current phase to initiative total when wielding a knife in both hands.

Able Drinker
Dangerous Beauty
Foul Weather Jack
Montaigne Accent (Paix)

Montaigne (R/W)

Social Skills
Balance – 2
Footwork – 3

Gambling – 2
Lockpicking – 1
Shadowing – 3
Stealth – 3

Acting – 2
Dancing – 1
Disguise – 1
Oratory – 2
Singing – 1

Balance – 2
Climbing – 2
Knotwork – 1
Perception – 3
Pilot – 1
Rigging – 1

Perception – 3
Socializing – 2
Street Navigation – 2

Stealth – 3
Street Navigation – 2
Survival – 1

Lie In Wait – 1
Set Traps – 1
Shadowing – 3

Martial Skills
Climbing – 2
Footwork – 2
Side-step – 1
Sprinting – 1
Throwing – 1

Dirty Fighting
Attack (DF) – 2
Attack (IW) – 2
Parry (IW) – 1

Attack (Firearms) – 1

Attack (Knife) – 3
Catch – 1
Parry (Knife) – 3
Throw (Knife) – 1


Virtue – Fortunate (Fortune)
Vice – Hedonistic (High Priestess)
Past – Ten of Staves
Present – Five of Coins
Future – Nine of Staves: “Beware your true face”


A Game of 25 Questions

1) What country is your Hero from?
Montaigne, specifically the city of Paix

2) How would you physically describe your Hero?
Tall and lean with long hear, a clean shaven face, and an easy smile. Bonsoir normally dresses in the finest clothes he can afford, recent circumstances have left him with only the shirt on his back and a pair of ruined expensive breeches. He is not happy about this predicament.

3) Does your Hero have any recurring mannerisms?
Bonsoir gesticulates when he talks, perhaps too much. Bonsoir refers to himself in the third person.

4) What is your Hero’s main motivation?
Growing up on the streets, Bonsoir has always desired to one day live a life of luxury. However, he is terrible with money and tends to blow it on a good time. He wants to afford fine clothes and fine meals but does not have an honest trade to earn money. He is more than willing to help people part with their own money though. Recently, a man got Bonsoir black-out drunk and stole all of his money, his knives, his pistol, and his fine coat and hat. Most importantly though, they stole his Castillian leather boots. Bonsoir has sworn to be avenged upon the man who stole his boots.

5) What is your Hero’s greatest strength? Greatest weakness?
Strengths: Bonsoir has wandered for most of his life and has picked up a great many skills in that times. He can adapt to nearly any situation and usually has a carefree attitude.
Weaknesses: While Bonsoir loves his “job”, he would rather be having a good time. It is difficult to get him motivated unless large quantities of money or goods are involved or if he gets to play a practical joke on someone.

6) What are your Hero’s most and least favorite things?
Bonsoir loves wine, women, and wealth although not specifically in that order. He disdains people who take life too seriously, being idle when he could be doing something fun, and doing the same thing over and over again. He is easily bored.

7) What about your Hero’s psychology?
Bonsoir is generally an optimist. He tries to look on the bright side, even when shit gets too real. He is quick with a joke and his feelings and thoughts don’t tend to linger on things, much the way his life has never been in one place for too long. Bonsoir is very proud of being Montaigne.

8) What is your Hero’s single greatest fear?
That he will have to stop moving or partying long enough to actually feel anything or take responsibility for his actions.

9) What are your Hero’s highest ambitions? His greatest love?
Bonsoir aspires to great things but in truth, he has no idea what “great things” those are. He is mostly directionless. His greatest love is love. Bonsoir loves feelings but is easily bored so he is constantly chasing new highs.

10) What is your Hero’s opinion of his country?
Bonsoir, in truth, gives few cares about Montaigne especially where the nobility is concerned. However, being Montaigne comes with a certain sense of responsibility that even Bonsoir cannot deny.

11) Does your Hero have any prejudices?
Beyond a disdain for uptight people, angry people, stingy people, and chaste women, no.

12) Where do your Hero’s loyalties lie?
Bonsoir has been betrayed too many times so he does not trust easy. He will do jobs with people but never really trusts.

13) Is your Hero in love? Is he married or betrothed?
Bonsoir has a woman that he has loved but they are no longer speaking. This is partially Bonsoir’s fault.

14) What about your Hero’s family?
Bonsoir’s father was a butcher who died when he was young. Bonsoir never knew his mother.

15) How would your Hero’s parents describe him?
His father would describe him as a curious child who was constantly getting into trouble. His mother died when he was born and his father never spoke of her.

16) Is your Hero a gentleman?
Gentlemen aspire to be Bonsoir.

17) How religious is your Hero? What sect of the Church does he follow?
Bonsoir prays when necessary but it is rarely more than lip service. He has prayed in earnest on a few occasions but he is not especially faithful.

18) Is your Hero a member of a guild, gentleman’s club, or secret society?

19) What does your Hero think of sorcery?
Bonsoir pities the mage for being persecuted but considering most sorcerers are also nobles, his pity only goes so far. Money makes up for a lot of things. So does power, especially the power to alter the world at will.

20) If you could, what advice would you give your Hero?
You will never find true happiness in your wallet, a bottle, or a woman’s bosom. Well, maybe in the last one.

21) What kind of cool stuff do you want for your Hero?
Swindle people out of money, drink, fug, and generally be a scoundrel.

22) What kind of big dreams do you have for your Hero?
Bonsoir dreams of seeing all corners of the world and getting rich doing it.

23) What, if anything, would make your Hero retire?
I don’t know right now.

24) What, if anything, would make your Hero fall into Villainy?
I don’t know right now.

25) If you could choose, how would your Hero die?
In a very, very, VERY large explosion that he created.

3 × 3 × 3

Der Hauptmann
Eisen mercenary captain that Bonsoir worked with.
One eye. Small man but a brilliant tactician.
Last seen after a job went south a several members of Der Hauptmann’s company were killed.

El Dragón del Feugo
Castillian “mercenary”. Member of Der Hauptmann’s company.
Sorcerer but doesn’t use it. Best “pistolero” in Theah.
Last seen when Der Hauptmann’s company split up, shortly after some member betrayed the rest and killed several.

Vesten whaler. Member of Der Hauptmann’s company.
Large, even for a Vesten but incredibly good with technology.
Last seen at the splitting of Der Hauptmann’s company.

Castillian tavern owner. Tavern in occupied Castille.
Half crippled in an explosion. Left side of body severely disfigured.
Was a member of Der Hauptmann’s company. Although he was severely disfigured during the betrayal, Bonsoir does not trust Reconquista further than he can throw him, possibly because he held a flame for Boudica. Bonsoir owes Reconquista his life but would never admit to it.

Avalon sharpshooter. Second to none with a musket. Former paramour.
Bright red hair that is usually in tight curly knots. She keeps her hair cut short.
Was a member of Der Hauptmann’s company. Bonsoir and she were regularly lovers although never a couple. They are not on speaking terms at the moment because Bonsoir was not emotionally available after Boudica’s half-sister betrayed the company.

Gertrude Ondergronds
Vendel noblewoman. Patron of Der Hauptmann’s Compnay.
Plump but an expert with poisons.
Has not been seen since before Der Hauptmann’s company split up. He is not sure she is not responsible but Bonsoir never liked her, mostly because of her ruthless reputation.

Fallo Puzzolente
Vodacce swordsman. Former member of Der Hauptmann’s Company.
The mastermind behind the betrayal. Sold out Der Hauptmann’s Company to the enemy then orchestrated the death of several members.
Has not been seen since he slit the throat of Timber Jean, a young member of Der Hauptmann’s Company.

Ussuran pyeryem mage. Former member of Der Hauptmann’s Company.
Helped Puzzolente betray the group. Loves turning into a big cat.
Last seen mauling

Avalon gunwoman. Boudica’s half-sister. Former member of Der Hauptmann’s company.
Betrayed the company. Loves guns, although not nearly the marksman her sister is. Prefers a blunderbuss and explosives. Bronte is the jealous type and Bonsoir and she slept together on a number of occasions despite he and Boudica being regular lovers.
Last seen throwing explosives at Bonsoir and Boudica. Reconquista jumped in the way of the blast, saving Bonsoir and Boudica’s life in the process.


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